Latst winds: Christmas in BonAmb

The last winds of our 2020 season have guided us here. A complicated season for our entire gastronomic sector. The winds rose in February and just a month later they stopped suddenly because of this horrible pandemic.

Our restaurant had to stop receiving the most important thing to us: diners. Even when closed, our entire team made an incredible effort, without stoping to work from home, to collaborate with everyone and to think about ideas for the moment of reopening.

And the reopening happened. By mid-June BonAmb reopened its doors to the public, eager to continue doing what we love most: create and serving meals. And that effort was returned to us by our diners, rebooking their experiences, even with the difficulties that the Covid-19 protocol has brought.

Our way to show gratitude for all that love is to open the restaurant for Christmas. We’ve always wanted people to sit at BonAmb and feel at home and that’s why we are opening our doors during the Holidays. We offer our diners the possibility to celebrate, together with their loved ones, and in a complete secure environment.

From December 23rd until January 10th, you can enjoy these 2 special menus. Book your table now!