Alberto Ferruz is one of the two pillars on which BonAmb is founded. As head of our kitchen, both the restaurant and its chef have achieved, in just five years, important recognitions as two Michelin Stars and two Repsol Suns.

On June 1st, 1984 Alberto Ferruz Moraleda was born in Cariñena in the province of Zaragoza. The Spanish proverb ‘he grew up between fires’ couldn’t be more true in Alberto’s case. When he was only 12 years old, he was already working in the restaurant of his uncle, ‘La Bodega’. Alberto indeed found his vocation which led him to the path of studying hospitality business at the IES of Miralbueno in the capital Zaragoza.

After just a short period of time, the restlessness in Alberto made him decide to leave his home grounds to work with one of the best chefs in Spain, Martin Berasategui, in order to expand his knowledge. In his desire to further develop, after these three years he moved to Paris where he worked at the prestigious Parisian restaurant ‘Taillevent’ for more than two years.

Back in Spain Alberto worked with the chef cook Quique Dacosta for one season.
Only 23 years old, Quique Dacosta became chef-cook at the gastronomic restaurant of the Marriott hotel in Dénia and already at that young age, he represented the kitchen of Alicante at the prestigious ‘Lo Mejor de la gastronomía de San Sebastián’ (‘The Best’ gastronomy of San Sebastián). After this season working with Quique Dacosta, Alberto began his adventure at BonAmb.

Along with Restaurant BonAmb Alberto has firmly grown in his abilities which led to beautiful successes. Shortly after the opening of BonAmb, he was invited to cook during the by Guía Repsol sponsored culinary event ‘Millesime Madrid’ as one of the young promises of the national cuisine. A few months later he was invited to speak at the presentation of the Yearbook of the Kitchen of the Comunidad Valenciana together with the great Joan Roca of ‘El Celler’ from Can Roca (in those days nominated as best restaurant of the world).

Alberto Ferruz is a man that does not cease to develop. He is a perfectionist and likes to keep growing and innovating every day. This lead to the result that in 2013, two years after opening, Restaurant BonAmb was awarded a Michelin star and a Sun of Guía Repsol in their guides of 2014. These recognitions put Alberto and Restaurant BonAmb on the map within the Valencian and national gastronomy community. It was the beginning of many beautiful things to come, for example invitations for many events and presentations such as: ‘Gastro Alicante’, ‘Gastrónoma Valencia’ or ‘Millesime Madrid’.

Thanks to the daily efforts of the entire team, Restaurant BonAmb and Alberto Ferruz have achieved important successes in 2015, including the award of the Michelin star, getting the second Sun in the Guía Repsol and the acknowledgement for Best Chef of the Year awarded by the ‘Academia de la Gastronomía de la Comunidad Valenciana’.

Lastly, 2016 will always be remembered by the whole team and of course by Alberto Ferruz, as on November 23rd the Michelin Guide awarded Alberto and the restaurant their second Michelin star, just five years after opening.