Brisa de Llebeig

We are finishing the first month of Vents, our 2020 season. We are delighted by the way our first chapter called Llebeig is being received.

There are many guests of different profiles, who are visiting us day after day and we receive great affection from our neighbors from Jávea and La Marina Alta.
At the same time we are reaching the date of the reopening of our restaurant Casa Pepa, in Ondara. While we are waiting for that moment to come, we would like to offer the gastronomic experience of BonAmb, to all our friends from Casa Pepa.

For all these reasons and for our eagerness to reach all our guests, we have shaped a menu called Brisa de Llebeig. Looking to create the same sensation that provokes a pleasant breeze, while walking around any corner of Jávea, we propose a tour of our gastronomy in a light and concise way.

Brisa de Llebeig starts with our Ancestral Table, where we recover products, aromas and flavors from our ancient civilizations. The guest then enjoys a series of appetizers, followed by 7 courses. And the menu ends with a sweet moment, a series of passes for the sweet tooths…

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Brisa de Llebeig