Cooking to overcome (II) – Bœuf Bourguignon

Cooking to overcome (II) - Bœuf Bourguignon Ever since the confinement to our homes started, we have seen an incredible growth of gastronomic live shows, families spending hours cooking or simply people who have been encouraged to learn to cook. This makes us very happy, because, once again, the kitchen serves as social aid. Wanting to contribute our part, we held gastronomic ‘Instagram lives’ every week with our chef Alberto Ferruz and other members of our team. In this second part, our chef and second in command Emmanuelle Baron prepares a French classic for us: Bœuf Bourguignon [...]

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Cooking to Overcome (I) – Coca a la paleta

Cooking to Overcome (I) - Coca a la paleta Since the confinement began in our homes, we have seen an incredible growth of live streams about food, families spending hours cooking or just people who have been encouraged to learn to cook. This makes us happy because moreover, the kitchen serves as social assistance. We wanted to contribute our grain of sand broadcasting every week gastronomic directs with our chef Alberto Ferruz and other members of our team. With the intention of publishing them in serial format, we leave you in this first part, one of the [...]

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The strength of our team

The strength of our team Last Friday, March 13th, the inevitable was confirmed: the Coronavirus health crisis forced us to temporarily close and stop our machinery. The expansion of the pandemic through Spain caused the government to trigger the "State of alarm" in our country, confining us all to our homes. Our season “Vents”, with its first chapter called “Llebeig”, sailed at full speed and we went from having the restaurant full of reservations, to having to shut down. Accustomed to the exciting and fast-paced daily rhythm at BonAmb, we took a hard hit. Used to working [...]

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Brisa de Llebeig

Brisa de Llebeig We are finishing the first month of Vents, our 2020 season. We are delighted by the way our first chapter called Llebeig is being received. There are many guests of different profiles, who are visiting us day after day and we receive great affection from our neighbors from Jávea and La Marina Alta. At the same time we are reaching the date of the reopening of our restaurant Casa Pepa, in Ondara. While we are waiting for that moment to come, we would like to offer the gastronomic experience of BonAmb, to all our friends from [...]

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Season 2020 – Chapter 1: Llebeig

Season 2020 – Chapter 1: Llebeig We begin another exciting gastronomic season in our restaurant, called VENTS. It is the third season after “Cabotage” and “Trueque”, to close our gastronomic homage to the ancestral civilizations that passed through our land and that shaped the cuisine we know today. First, in the season 2018, we sailed with our ancestors from their places of origin and throughout the Mediterranean Sea ("Cabotage"). In the next season (2019), we discovered how they exchanged products through “Trueques” (barters). And to close this journey and the trilogy, we will be inspired by those [...]

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BonAmb Gift Voucher

BonAmb Gift Voucher Estamos a las puertas de Navidad. Vienen momentos familiares, momentos para regalar y recibir regalos. Una de las mejores cosas que tiene la gastronomía es poder compartirla con familia y amigos. Por eso, en BonAmb, hemos preparado unos bonos, para que puedas invitar a quien desees, a vivir la experiencia gastronómica en nuestro restaurante. Calma y Tempesta son los dos nuevos menús de la próxima temporada 2020, llamada VENTS, que comenzará el 1 de febrero. A través de nuestra web, puedes comprar y enviar el bono regalo, con o sin maridaje. Regala gastronomía, regala [...]

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Esencia de Otoño

Esencia de Otoño We are in the middle of autumn and in the final stretch of our 2019 season. It has been a year of incredible emotions, tireless work and great gastronomic TRUEQUES (barters) together with many colleagues and friends in our restaurant. You came to visit us and shared your time with us. That's why we want to thank you for that love and confidence, offering a very affordable menu, which combines the best dishes of BonAmb in 2019, with the personality of this beautiful season we are in: Esencia de Otoño. We want to thank [...]

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Moscow Mule cocktail by BonAmb

Moscow Mule cocktail by BonAmb As you all know, at BonAmb we offer our gastronomic experiences from a global concept, where the elaborations can be finished by the kitchen team or dining room staff. In our blog, we have told you about cooking recipes, such as Pumpkin Pickle and our homemade bread.  However, in the dining room we continuously make recipes of drinks to offer to our guests and today we want to present one of them: the Moscow  Mule cocktail. This cocktail, of New York origin, is more than eighty years old and its discovery, like [...]

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BonAmb in September

BonAmb in September A high percentage of those who visit us do this in the summer months of July and August. These are dates chosen to coincide with school and work holidays. However, if there is a possibility, from BonAmb we want to tell you about some of the many advantages that visiting our area in September has. Climate It's one of the most important factors. We still have high temperatures, but much more bearable than in the months of July and August. This allows, for example, to enjoy outdoor areas better, such as the BonAmb terrace. [...]

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New Menu “Esencia”

New Menu “Esencia” Do you want to live the BonAmb experience in an intense way? Get to know the backbone of our gastronomic proposal? We have created a new proposal called "Esencia", with the aim of offering a very intense and shorter experience than our three other menus SALIS, SOL and TEMPUS. With this menu you can discover the soul of this season, through the elaborations that our guests like the most, the favourite creations of our team and the secret preferences of our chef Alberto Ferruz and our maître Pablo Catalá. You can experience our [...]

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