BONAMB WELCOME PROTOCOL There are many ways to receive guests who come to your restaurant, the way to go, the details to show, the guided tour... Of course each house has its own protocol. There are multiple factors that influence the beginning of the gastronomic experience, such as culture, type of restaurant, geographical location, the physiognomy of the place... Our BonAmb serving team, directed by Pablo Catalá, follows our welcome guidelines -before, during and after each service - that revolve around the most important thing for us: our guests. Our protocol has as [...]

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RECIPE FOR ESCABECHE OF PUMPKIN In gastronomy, fermentation is one of the most ancestral processes that exists. Many of the civilizations that have passed through our area of ​​the Marina Alta, have used fermentations to create their products or to preserve them for long periods of time. At BonAmb we are committed to the use of this method. Not only for the utility of food preservation, but also to enhance the characteristics of the products themselves. An example of a dish that we offer at BonAmb that has fermentation in its process, is: the Escabeche of pumpkin [...]

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ASIAN DANCE AND PORTUGUESE FOLKLORE: CHRONICLE OF A JOURNEY TO ASIA  Part 3 End of the trip In an overpriced hotel in Macau, our three friends are ready for the start of the gastronomic congress that has brought them there. While they wait to be picked up by the organization, they remember the great gastronomic night they lived the day before. One by one they get on the bus that will bring them to one of the most characteristic emblems of Macau: the Macau tower. On the way to the congress they experience a [...]

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CHITA IN SIYAO SAUCE: CHRONICLE OF A TRIP TO ASIA Friday, January 22nd 2018, 15:00, 22 hours later, Hong Kong Marine Station. The three travelers are at the harbor pier of Hong Kong. Their faces reflect the weariness by the long plane ride and the various taxi tours to eventually come here, but they retain all the excitement produced by the unexpectedness of the trip. Already during the first steps through this marine station, they discover the dimension of this Asian country and its culture. With great education and continuous respect shown by all the people who [...]

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BROTH OF BLACK ROOSTER: CHRONICLE OF A JOURNEY TO ASIA PART 1 Thursday, January 21st, 2018, 5:00 p.m., Manises Airport, Valencia Three travellers that have never met quietly debate about current political, social and economic issues, when in reality they are full of adrenaline and excitement of knowing that they are about to start a great adventure: a five-day trip to Asia. The travellers share the common goal of enhancing the cuisine of the Marina Alta, but each of them is independently dreaming about to achieve that goal. They have different interests, but what they are [...]

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CREATIVITY GROWS IN THE SURROUNDINGS After a number of searches, just in front of us we found the important creative and conceptual value to develop and consolidate our model and way of understanding gastronomy, and it was: our environment. That is our great source of ideas, ranging from agriculture, fishing, acting, eating and even the way of living life. And we understood that our restaurant had to be a small window to the world, to make known, in a totally altruistic way, the culinary tradition, the gastronomy and the know-how that has been passed [...]

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BonAmb 2018: CABOTAGE

BonAmb 2018: CABOTAGE We are in full preparation of our next gastronomic season, which will start on February 1st 2018. Building up to the new season, we’d like to take you to the maritime corners of yesteryear and a gastronomic culture full of ancestral connotations related to the naval world which guide us during the new gastronomic season of 2018. CABOTAGE is the rudder of this new stage. It also gives name to the traditional activity performed by maritime merchants sailing from end to end between different ports along the coast to transport [...]

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The season of 2017 in images

The season of 2017 in images In a couple of days we close our most recent chapter. The season of 2017 has been full of great dreams and tireless work which we have only been able to carry out successfully thanks to two reasons: 1: the passion with which the whole team, or rather family that we form at BonAmb, works with every day, and 2: the strength and support that all our followers and guests have given us throughout these months. So thank you, thank you and once again thank you! . This post is [...]

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The secrets of our homemade bread

The secrets of our homemade bread   As certainly many of you already know, the 16th of October is World Bread Day. Bread is a basic nutritional component and essential in our gastronomy, characterized by its great variety and versatility both in its elaboration and in its use. We from BonAmb, want to pay tribute to this day by sharing the recipe of our homemade bread with you. First, the main ingredients: 1,5 kg of pastry flour 1,5 kg of wheat flour 75 gr of salt 900 gr of sourdough 60 g of yeast 2,100 g of [...]

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Wine tourism in the province of Alicante

Our country in general and our region in particular are places with a deep tradition and devotion to wine. The qualities of this amazing product and the importance it has acquired in the world of gastronomy to assemble and harmonize the flavours of the elaborations, have made it become one of the main attractions for both national and international tourism. The direct consequence of this is the great increase in interest for wine lately. Cultural visits to find out new places that breathe the tradition and passion for wine, learn about the preparation processes, customs and alternative leisure [...]

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