2014 – 2015: A second Sun shines on us

X Anniversary 

We are celebrating, we are turning 10! 

We turn 10 this year, and we have always believed that it is essential to observe the past, to look at the future. That’s why we want to review our decade of life, through a series of articles. Today we publish the third instalment: 2014 – 2015: A second Sun shelters us.

For BonAmb, the period of 2014 and 2015 was one of assuming and managing many changes. We premiered the first Michelin Star and the first Repsol Sun, but the hangovers of these celebrations did not prevent us from continuing our path: supplying people with passion, dreams, and constant development. Our lives were shaken by the recognitions, by the media that wanted to know us better and by the many diners who wanted to visit us, but we came to work every day with the same good atmosphere and companionship as always.

On November 20, 2014, the new features of the Michelin Guide for its 2015 edition were presented, from which it is worth highlighting the second Michelin Star for the Aponiente restaurant (Ángel León) and the first for the Valencian restaurant Casa Manolo. As for the Repsol Guide, that year up to five Spanish restaurants received the 3 Repsol Suns: Dani García restaurant (Dani García), Cenador de Amós restaurant (Jesús Sánchez), Dos Cielos restaurant (Javier and Sergio Torres), O’Pazo restaurant (Francisco Monje) and Solla restaurant (Pepe Solla).

Regarding BonAmb, a second Repsol Sun had been awarded in 2014. Our hard daily work never changed, cooking for and tending to our diners, following our own path, without being distracted by the good or bad reviews. Some of the best things that getting the Star and the Sun brought, were the numerous requests of people who wanted to join our kitchen and dining hall teams to grow and evolve with us. Since then, we have not stopped interacting and working with people from the gastronomic environment.