2012 – 2013: the first star lights up

X Anniversary

We are celebrating, we are turning 10!

We turn 10 this year, and we have always believed that it is essential to observe the past, to look at the future. That’s why we want to review our decade of life, through a series of articles.  Today we publish the second one, 2012 – 2013: the first star lights up.

After a year of life with all the work involved in opening a restaurant, we were facing our second year with the aim of continuing to grow and evolve. To do this, we had to absorb information from the best possible source: our guests. They are the ones who have guided us from day one on our journey and from whom we learn during each service.

On November 22, 2012, 3 Michelin Stars were awarded to Eneko Atxa’s Azurmendi restaurant and to our friend Quique Dacosta’s restaurant. And on December 12th of that same year, the restaurants Aponiente (Ángel León), Àbac (Jordi Cruz), Can Jubany (Nandu Jubany) and Zalacaín (Juan Antonio Medina) obtained 3 Repsol Suns.

But if you ask us to think about a year that is extra special to us, it’s 2013. Because on November 20th of that year, the Michelin Guide awarded us our first Michelin Star and on December 10th the Repsol Guide awarded us our first Repsol Sun. BonAmb would first appear in the 2014 edition of both prestigious Gastronomic Guides. After being open for a little over 2 years, all the effort and hard work really paid off.

These decorations came after a year in which the entire team did not stop creating and evolving. The “run the dish” command of the crunchy seaweed, the suckling pig in its own juice, or the wraps of marine livers (one of the most successful dishes of that year), could not stop being heard in the kitchen. The dining room, each time more in synch with the kitchen, cooks acting as waiters and waiters as cooks. The bodega expanded its borders with wines from countries such as Germany, the USA, Portugal, Australia, South Africa…