Interview with an enceser – Part 5

When we say that at BonAmb we respect and enhance our environment, we are not only talking about working with local products, preparing a cuisine with minimal waste, and being a sustainable restaurant. When we say that we want to honor the culture of the Marina Alta, we do so by learning from its tradition, meeting its people, and listening to the great protagonists who have written its history. For our 2023 season, we have immersed ourselves in the world of Les Pesqueres, unique and dangerous fishing spots on the cliffs of our area. We talked to Ximo Pastor, one of those brave encesers who fished in these fisheries spots for a better life.

What were the “pesqueras” where you fished?

I had two “pesqueras” where I went fishing. One belonged to my cousin located in the “Cingle Blanc” and the other was under the tower of Moraira, which was called “La Cirera”. Both were very good, but in “La Cirera” was where I caught a lot of fish. Each one of us had our “fishery” and there was no rivalry to get one or the other. We respected each other and if someone wanted to go with you to your “fishery” there was no problem, he would tell you and the next night everything was prepared for him to go with you. It was a dangerous fishery and there was no sense in complicating it with absurd rivalries. 

Were you ever in danger?

Yes, of course, many times. Once a friend of mine invited me to his fishery with a drop of more than 80 meters into the sea. When we got there, I grabbed the rope and he immediately shouted at me, “No, don’t take that one! I asked him why and he replied that it was rotten. Angrily I told him that I could not have a rotten rope in a “pesquera”, if I catch it I’m going down. Not having your “fishing boat” in good condition, not changing things when it’s time, having a broken belay or an unfixed reef is what led to fatal accidents.