Cooking to overcome (III) – Tiramisú

Since confinement began in our homes, we have seen an incredible growth of live streams about food, families spending hours cooking or just people who have been encouraged to learn to cook. This makes us really happy, because moreover, the kitchen serves as social assistance. 

 We wanted to contribute our grain of sand, broadcasting every week, gastronomic live streams with our chef Alberto Ferruz and other members of our team. The protagonist of this third part is sweetness, where our pastry chef Laura García prepares a classic: 


  • 250g mascarpone cheese. 
  • 175g liquid cream. 
  • 25 ml of water. 
  • 50 gr. white sugar. 
  • egg yolks. 


  • egg yolks. 
  • egg whites. 
  • 60 gr. white sugar. 
  • 60g of flour. 
  • 100ml coffee 
  • Liquor. 


  1. For the ladyfingers: whiten the 2 buds with 30g of sugar and whiten the 2 clears with another 30g of sugar. Stir in the two mixtures to 60g of sifted flour. Insert into a sleeve. On a sulphurized paper on an oven plate, make shapes of 2 cm wide and 12 in length. Sprinkle with icing sugar. Bake at 180o  for 14-16 minutes. Cool down. 
  2. For the cream: mix 250gr of mascarpone cheese with 175gr of liquid cream and beat. Make a syrup with 25 ml of water and 50g of sugar. Put away and beat 3 egg yolks and gradually incorporate the syrup, while still beating. Combine the mixture of mascarpone + cream, with the yolks + syrup. Put away. 
  3. In a bowl, mix the coffee with some amaretto-style liquor. Wet the screeds. 
  4. Stack: In a glass, insert a layer of ladyfingers and on top of a layer of cream. As many layers as the height of the cup. 
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