We are celebrating, we are turning 10!

On July 27, 2011, we opened the doors of this great adventure called BonAmb. Almost 10 years later, we have all aged, gained more wrinkles, some lost their hair, but we all retain the same Passion, Eagerness and Work effort, as that first day.

In a decade a lot of things can happen, but for us it has passed at the speed of light. We were born as a restaurant, we grew up, achieved important recognitions, welcomed our sister Casa Pepa, overcame many obstacles, worked with great passion, and enjoyed as kids usually do.

We are 10 years old, and we want to celebrate this with you. Yes, celebrate and live gastronomic experiences together. That’s why we want to share with you this beautiful new season (2021). Every diner who visits us to celebrate our birthday will receive a small gift and the whole season will be full of surprises on our social networks.