Our strengths against coronavirus

Since the world changed by sanitary pandemic caused by Covid-19, we started working at BonAmb to continue with what makes us the happiest: gastronomy.

Every step taken by the authorities made our day-to-day life a little more difficult, but after looking for solutions for a while, we realized that we had them right in front of us the whole time. Our environment, our work philosophy and the characteristics of our restaurant are the best means to combat the Coronavirus.


Our diners have repeated it to us numerous times this summer: it is fortunate to enjoy a gastronomic experience, accompanied by the good climate of Jávea and do it outdoors, inhaling health and well-being.


The natural environment where we are is another important factor that our diners value positively. Winds, currents and sea breezes come to our restaurant from the Mediterranean Sea. The fields, orchards and vineyards of Jávea and the surrounding area nourish us with fresh products every day. And the imposing Montgó guides, accompanies and continuously protects us.


Since our opening it has been clear that every visit that entered through the door deserves a unique experience. This is only achieved with Passion, Illusion, Work and contribute dedication and care in each service. Our kitchen and dining room teams are perfectly organized and coordinated to offer each diner a personalized and exclusive experience.


The space we have in BonAmb is another important advantage. Social distance and distance between tables are measures that we did not have to take, because we always had those. Having different spacious rooms not only allows us to live the gastronomic experience safely, but also allows us to offer it in a private way.

The restaurant sector is one of the most punished by this virus and many of our friends in the Marina Alta are going through very hard times. We fight and work for them, for us and for all those who are part of our great gastronomy.