Our 2022 season is all about L’encesa, an ancient fishing art from the area of our Marina Alta. We pay tribute to all those encesers who risked their lives every winter night with the Enceser story. Today chapter 9: End of winter.

“One morning at the end of February I woke up at home to the pleasant sound of the first birds that dared to sing after the long rainy and cold season. The countryside was also waking up little by little from its lethargy and we could already see some buds in the orchard, deep green grass in the fruit trees, and some almond trees opening their beautiful white flowers.

The joy of seeing our field gaining strength and life contrasted with the sadness of knowing that encesa’s season was coming to an end. Many of my colleagues had already collected everything and closed their fishing boats. I resisted a little more because of the illusion of having been my first season, but I had to leave it fixed in a couple of days at the most.

The following days I spent less time fishing and more time on important maintenance tasks. I fixed any damage to the canyís. I applied grease to iron and metal to prevent rusting. And I replaced any cracked or broken rope parts.

And so, on a Sunday in early March, with my fishing gear fixed and reinforced to withstand the next nine months, I climbed the steep access to my fishing spot for the last time that season. I returned home in the dim light of the morning, already with a certain nostalgia, but looking forward to the next encesa season.”