Hello, I’m Manu, chef at the BonAmb restaurant and today we are going to make a very simple recipe: duck flan. It’s made with duck foie, egg yolk, liquid cream, pepper, salt and a little bit of sugar.

For this recipe we will need a Thermomix. We start putting everything duck foie and we are going to give it a temperature of 40 45 degrees it’s okay, it doesn’t have to be very high in temperature otherwise it will cut off. Then we will add the cream little by little then the egg yolk and we finish with pepper, ready salt and a little sugar. We increase the speed a little to mix everything well, removing heat, that’s important.

After we are going to strain our mixture through a fine strainer. Now we have our flannels that are filled with a caramel that we just made with brown sugar and duck juice. Now that we have everything filled, we go to the oven to steam it has to be at 85º to steam 100% steam for 18 20 minutes.

Finally, we are going to plate it. First, we are going to dismantle our flan and we will finish it with a duck juice and butter and finally we will add a hunt soup that has oyster crown, quail, shallot, onion a little pepper and a little salt.