Hello, I’m Juan, I’m a chef at the BonAmb restaurant and I’m here to show you the new fermentations we have for this season.

To start, these are three garum, garum is traditionally a fish viscera sauce that dates back to Roman times. But in this case, we do some reversals with cuttings that we have in the restaurant to be able to make the most of them. For example, here we have a plate of hare, all the cuttings that we put together, we mix them with salt and water.

Then we have the Koji, which is a fungus that is inoculated in a cereal, in this case it is rice and then once it ferments it provides many enzymes, which will allow us to prepare this garum in approximately two months. Then, on the other hand, we have some mussels that, in the restaurant, generally, to cook seafood we use a lot of water of the cooking mussels, but and the meat was always loose. To be able to

reuse them we did the same process with the hare but with this product.

And finally, we have a ham garum, in this case we lowered the salinity a little, because we are working with salting, but the process is the same. It is koji, water, the product and salt.