Hello, I’m Laura, the BonAmb restaurant pastry chef and I’m going to teach you how to make a Swiss meringue, that we will use for one of our petits.

We have 160g of egg white and 250g of granulated sugar. We will put these ingredients in a bowl and cook in a bain-marie. We have water that we had previously heated, and we will cook until the sugar dissolves, approximately 5 minutes, without stopping stirring so that it does not curdle, which is the egg white.

Once our meringue is cooked and assembled, we will do is the final step for the macaron, which will be to cover the creamy. Our petit is simply a green tea macaron and on top we have added a yuzu creamy. After we will be to bathe our macaron until it is covered by the meringue

To give it the final decoration, we will take our spatula and some picks with this same meringue. For that is important that we have firm and consistent texture to give it this finish with the peaks.