Secrets of our season “Pesqueres” – Part 4
As you already know our 2023 season called “Pesqueres” revolves around those unique fishing spots that were years ago on our cliffs, to fish using the art of fishing “l’Encesa”, consisting of lighting a point of light on the sea to attract the fish.

In our season we are paying tribute to these “Pesqueres” and those brave “encesers”, the fishermen who risked their lives every night on the cliffs, for a better life. In each gastronomic experience we offer the diner secrets related to this universe of the “Pesqueres”, which we want to share with you:

Here we have cauliflower a la Romana, a dish that has always accompanied me. Always, hidden in every dish or every season of BonAmb, the juice of cauliflower alla Romana appears. It is a memory and a way of expressing myself in the gastronomic language of the BonAmb restaurant. It always appears in a dish as a detail and a souvenir for my family.

Ancestral table
This year, in this table that we have here so particular and with these pickles and these salted fish, what we try to do is to put people in the place, we try to transport them to what used to be a “Pesquera”. We give them little appetizers based on the fish that were caught there. Like a fish flower that we make with garum caviar from what “la Pesquera” brings us, as “la Pesquera” sometimes fished grouper, monkfish, cuttlefish, and squid, it varies according to what our suppliers bring us.