Part 2

Friday, January 22nd of 2018, 15:00, 22 hours later, Hong Kong Marine Station.

The three travelers are at the harbor pier of Hong Kong. Their faces reflect the weariness by the long plane ride and the various taxi tours to eventually come here, but they retain all the excitement produced by the unexpectedness of the trip.

Already during the first steps through this marine station, they discover the dimension of this Asian country and its culture. With great education and continuous respect shown by all the people who they have met, they are still overwhelmed by the people that bring them to a halt in the street to take photos with them, as if they were some kind of exotic animal. This is a sensation that makes them reflect on how people from exotic countries need to feel when they go through these types of requests every day of their lives.

Seated in their seats of the ferry, they go deeper and deeper into a dense fog that absorbs everything around them. The disturbing silence and the relaxing view of the line that is formed by other tourist boats is only interrupted by the soundtrack of the city they are leaving behind, and the rising action that can be seen of their destination: the Peninsula of Macau.

Two minutes after a quick shower to reenergize, they are already fully immersed in the city. Seeking to live every moment of the night to the fullest, since it will be one of the few possibilities they have to enjoy the life of Macao because of the trip’s tight schedule. The excitement is increasing with each step and with each gesture of attention for the travelers. After walking  through the many casinos like James Bond, only without girl or cocktail and looking completely lost, from a simple glance you could see that they were totally out of their habitat.

Macau, also called the capital of Asian gambling, can be considered fascinating and tacky at the same time, and possibly here lies its greatness. The three companions continue touring its streets, being attracted by the smell of street food until they find one of the first gastronomic discoveries. At the end of a badly lit street and full of people dressed in the same immaculate black, they discover what will eventually be the best restaurant of their journey.

Once accommodated and after several unfruitful attempts to get to make themselves understood to the staff, they decide to leave the order in their hands, which turned out to be a wise decision. First they enjoyed a living crab sauté, something similar to a Satay, but with all the ingredients fresh and whole. Something rustic but with enormous flavors. They continued with a blanched fish with soy sauce and wild garlic, one of the best fish dishes that the traveling cook had tasted in his life.

And so, until almost eating their fingers of pleasure, they felt the force of the unexpected that we talked about at the beginning of this blog. Because of finding that fantastic restaurant. The three travellers still had half their trip to go, but they had risked, gambled and won.

Discover the end of the story in a few weeks. Don’t miss it!