Season 2020 – Chapter 1: Llebeig

We begin another exciting gastronomic season in our restaurant, called VENTS. It is the third season after Cabotageand Trueque”, to close our gastronomic homage to the ancestral civilizations that passed through our land and that shaped the cuisine we know today.

First, in the season 2018, we sailed with our ancestors from their places of origin and throughout the Mediterranean Sea (“Cabotage”). In the next season (2019), we discovered how they exchanged products through “Trueques” (barters). And to close this journey and the trilogy, we will be inspired by those sea winds that helped the ships on their return home.

During V E N T S, we want to accompany our guests on their gastronomic journey, just as the favorable winds guided the boats of the time on their return home. In those ships the crew not only traveled, but they were loaded with raw materials from our area. This completed the exchange of gastronomic cultures.

Our 2020 season will consist of 3 different chapters: Llebeig, Ponent and Mestral. Each of them will have important novelties, according to the time of year and the temporality of the products. Llebeig is our first chapter. This southwesterly wind was one of those used by crews to release mooring and begin their gripping return home.

Reserve your Table and be moved by the Llebeig…