The TRUEQUE begins at BonAmb

During last year’s season we learned what the art of Cabotage contributed to our cuisine. Past civilizations such as Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians navigated the waters of the Mediterranean with boats full of products, culinary knowledge and culinary processes unknown in our land at that time.


Once they docked in the different ports of the Marina Alta they unloaded all that gastronomic wealth and introduced it into our society through the markets. The exchange system for this merchandise was barter. This term has a number of different aspects and with respect to BonAmb, we will deal with three of them in this context, as we establish a barter trade with:

The team
The interchange of tasks in BonAmb. Good teamwork requires that you have perfect knowledge of your colleague’s work. We believe in offering an experience to our guests in which every employee has an indispensable task and in which tasks are constantly taken over and roles of kitchen and dining room staff more or less can merge into one another.


BonAmb, as an active and happily respected part of the gastronomy in the Marina Alta, maintains a strong bond with the culinary tradition of the area. We want to be “gatekeepers of the past”. This requires responsibility for the culinary culture and duty of care for all that our environment offers us. Our environment offers us her wealth and in return we take care of her.


This last exchange is about time. Time is a precious commodity and we are gilded every year that our guests dedicate part of their precious time by visiting our restaurant to enjoy what we have to offer. That is why in the year 2019 we’d like to further strengthen our relationship with our guests and exchange our passion, illusion and commitment for (among other things) your time.