The strength of our team

Last Friday, March 13th, the inevitable was confirmed: the Coronavirus health crisis forced us to temporarily close and stop our machinery. The expansion of the pandemic through Spain caused the government to trigger the “State of alarm” in our country, confining us all to our homes.

Our season “Vents”, with its first chapter called “Llebeig”, sailed at full speed and we went from having the restaurant full of reservations, to having to shut down. Accustomed to the exciting and fast-paced daily rhythm at BonAmb, we took a hard hit. Used to working in a team in our restaurant, like our ecosystem; leaving all that in a few hours made a big impact on us.

From day 1 of our history, we believed in teamwork and the strength of our group, above individuals. This close collaboration and trust in the companion reaches our guests, through each of our creations. And the good atmosphere we want to offer, would not be possible without the good relationship we have between everyone.

With BonAmb temporarily closed and each of us at home, what could we do? Nothing but continuing with this teamwork. We immediately created a WhatsApp group to communicate important corporate news, coordinate group video meetings and organize individual work.

Our passion for gastronomy has led us to continue cooking, continue to learn about wines and contribute photographs and videos about our homemade creations. We have complete involvement of every one of us. Teamwork is crucial and it’s the only way to recover to our maximum potency when this whole nightmare is over.

From the complete BonAmb team we send out a lot of encouragement and strength to everyone!

BonAmb Equipo