Creative steps for a new season

The season finales are exhausting. After a whole gastronomic year working to give the highest quality in each service, rest is highly anticipated. However, the kitchen is our passion and our restaurant never sleeps, even when closed to the public.
The day after the end of the season, the next season begins. The dining room and kitchen teams analyze the finished season, take inventory, and begin their creative processes for the next season.
This time we‘ll tell you about the steps and actions taken by the kitchen as it prepares for the temporary closure, to prepare our next season:

When the gastronomic season ends, we are left with raw materials, products and ideas of elaborations that arose from the ending season. Therefore, one of the first steps to take when preparing closure is to take inventory of everything you need to organize the following steps.

Looking back
Innovating year after year is a must. Our method is to forget about trends, follow our own line, review recipes and elaborations from previous years, because from there on we can keep moving forward.

A second chance for some dishes
During the previous season there are elaborations that stayed benched. These recipes are being looked at again so that we can study them, play with them in case they can become preparations suitable for our next season.

Progress is achieved as a team, so it’s important that all team members actively participate in the next season’s creativity. Creative discussions are organized adding fresh ideas to the previous year’s elaborations.

The action begins
Divided into workgroups and with all the above steps taken made, we start cooking. Trying, experimenting and failing, to find the dishes that will become our new gastronomic proposal