After a number of searches, just in front of us we found the important creative and conceptual value to develop and consolidate our model and way of understanding gastronomy, and it was: our environment. That is our great source of ideas, ranging from agriculture, fishing, acting, eating and even the way of living life. And we understood that our restaurant had to be a small window to the world, to make known, in a totally altruistic way, the culinary tradition, the gastronomy and the know-how that has been passed from generation to generation, up to nowadays. Presenting our focus in order that each person visiting our restaurant may eat of the territory and feel through the food, all the strength of the magnificent surroundings. That blue mantle of the Mediterranean, its light and its influence on everything that it bathes and surrounds. And little by little, starting from this point, we are building our history.

Observation and collection of ideas
In small steps, starting unconscious, we began to collect and learn by observing the environment and its products and having chats with small producers. All the elements that surround us have something to tell us. Everything originated or is there for some reason and by carefully observing them we can understand where we came from.

It is something that goes beyond the simple gastronomic line that one might want to have. The message is the most important and often gets lost along the way. The importance of the message we want to transmit, acts upon our final decisions about the product of our study. To show our clients the great potential that our environment has, is therefore our message and transmit it in the best way is our responsibility.

Product and technique
Now we have the message clear, the way to transmit it is through the product and the technique. What product do we want to use and why? Our area provides us with excellent fruits, vegetables, wines, meats, fish, herbs, etc. So we should only take advantage of these great products in a traditional way, choosing the right time to do it as the way to get it more pure. After this, the technique comes into play, always respecting the products and linking them with them and with the message we want to convey.

The expectations of our customers matter
The engine that moves us every day is trying to meet the needs of our customers. They already come with some expectations to live a gastronomic experience, but apart from these we have to create expectations ourselves, having the responsibility of reaching the customer with the message we want to transmit through different media, before arriving at the restaurant.