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Moscow Mule cocktail by BonAmb

Moscow Mule cocktail by BonAmb As you all know, at BonAmb we offer our gastronomic experiences from a global concept, where the elaborations can be finished by the kitchen team or dining room staff. In our blog, we have told you about cooking recipes, such as Pumpkin Pickle and our homemade bread.  However, in the dining room we continuously make recipes of drinks to offer to our guests and today we want to present one of them: the Moscow  Mule cocktail. This cocktail, of New York origin, is more than eighty years old and its discovery, like [...]

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BonAmb in September

BonAmb in September A high percentage of those who visit us do this in the summer months of July and August. These are dates chosen to coincide with school and work holidays. However, if there is a possibility, from BonAmb we want to tell you about some of the many advantages that visiting our area in September has. Climate It's one of the most important factors. We still have high temperatures, but much more bearable than in the months of July and August. This allows, for example, to enjoy outdoor areas better, such as the BonAmb terrace. [...]

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New Menu “Esencia”

New Menu “Esencia” Do you want to live the BonAmb experience in an intense way? Get to know the backbone of our gastronomic proposal? We have created a new proposal called "Esencia", with the aim of offering a very intense and shorter experience than our three other menus SALIS, SOL and TEMPUS. With this menu you can discover the soul of this season, through the elaborations that our guests like the most, the favourite creations of our team and the secret preferences of our chef Alberto Ferruz and our maître Pablo Catalá. You can experience our [...]

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The Bodega of BonAmb

The Bodega of BonAmb With the latest update of our wine list, we would like to tell you a little more about our bodega as well as the concept we try to convey to our guests. At BonAmb we offer a gastronomic experience where kitchen and dining room proposals are connected and complemented to perfection. Therefore, we work on customization for each guest, continually looking for unique products with a special character. The world of liquids is in continuous evolution, so our team constantly carries out updates on the wine list and new adaptations in [...]

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The Cocas of BonAmb

The Cocas of BonAmb The affection for our region is well known to all those who come to visit us. Our environment and its people are one of the most powerful claims we have in the Marina Alta, and the quality of its products contribute greatly to our gastronomy. One of the most representative elaborations in and around Jávea are the so-called ‘Cocas’. There is a wide range of varieties of cocas: the traditional way, preparing them in social encounters, an expansive flavor of vegetables, adding regional sausages and/or fish, and also the great [...]

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A PATH OF THREE SUNS Last February 25th the Repsol guide granted us a third sun, its maximum decoration. The entire BonAmb team is very grateful for this achievement, which rewards all our passion, enthusiasm and our inexhaustible work, from the first moment of our opening. 8 years ago, because of our passion for gastronomy, we decided to open a place with the desire to simply offer the cuisine of our Marina Alta, in a relaxed atmosphere and with nice people. In these years we have always wanted to make you feel at home and with that [...]

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The TRUEQUE begins at BonAmb

The TRUEQUE begins at BonAmb During last year’s season we learned what the art of Cabotage contributed to our cuisine. Past civilizations such as Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians navigated the waters of the Mediterranean with boats full of products, culinary knowledge and culinary processes unknown in our land at that time. Once they docked in the different ports of the Marina Alta they unloaded all that gastronomic wealth and introduced it into our society through the markets. The exchange system for this merchandise was barter. This term has a number of different aspects and with respect [...]

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BONAMB WILL REPRESENT SPAIN IN THE INTERNATIONAL 2019 COPA JEREZ BonAmb, with our sommelier Enrique García and our chef Pau García, will represent Spain in the international final of the 2019 Copa Jerez. After an intensive day of competition with great national restaurants such as Atrio (Cáceres), Casa Pepe de la Judería ( Córdoba), El Ermitaño (Benavente) and O Camiño do Inglés (Ferrol), we had the honour of being chosen as international finalists by the jury, which we wholeheartedly thank for giving us their trust. First pass Elaboration: Pickled olives, [...]

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BONAMB CLASSICS At BonAmb, our origin and our history are very important to us. Throughout our career we have been growing and evolving with our guests and we’d like to thank them for their loyalty by giving them the opportunity to co-create our new menu based on the most relevant classics in the history of our restaurant. Below you will find the proposed list, which one would you choose? Go to our Facebook page and select 2 of your favourite dishes and 1 dessert! #pannacotta #cigalas #chumbera #calabaza #caballa #ostra [...]

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ALBERTO FERRUZ AND THE SERVICE As is often said, "each master has its trick", that is why each chef confronts his daily services in a different and personal way. Today, through this interview, we’d like to share with you how our chef Alberto Ferruz prepares, lives and enjoys his daily life in BonAmb. . PRE SERVICE In the 30 minutes before coming to the restaurant you invest the time in... Well, my day starts at 7 in the morning. First I go for a run and then I feed my daughter breakfast. After that, everything is kitchen. [...]

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