2017-2018: We keep cooking the dream

X Anniversary

We are celebrating, we turned 10!

We turned 10 this year, and we have always believed that it is essential to observe the past, to look at the future. That’s why we want to review our decade of life, through a series of articles. Today we publish the fifth instalment: 2017-2018: We keep cooking the dream.

In 5 years of existence, we achieved 2 Michelin Stars and 2 Repsol Suns, in addition to many other official recognitions and especially from our guests. We were proud, overwhelmed by so much affection, assimilating so much growth and with even more desire to continue our journey.

In the years 2017 and 2018 there were important developments in the gastronomic world. The Casa Marcial, Tickets, Enjoy and DSTAgE restaurants got their third Repsol Sun, while the ABaC, Aponiente, and Dani García restaurants got 3 Michelin Stars.

Regarding BonAmb’s activity, our team did not stop growing, maturing and improving. Supported by colleagues from all over the world, our team grew and did not stop creating elaborations such as Solar Infusion, Ventresca oreada al sereno, Turnip rotini, Hidromiel of pickled roots, Cuttlefish adobo, Sweet corn soup, Soup of raw vegetables or Opera of hare.