Moscow Mule cocktail by BonAmb

As you all know, at BonAmb we offer our gastronomic experiences from a global concept, where the elaborations can be finished by the kitchen team or dining room staff.

In our blog, we have told you about cooking recipes, such as Pumpkin Pickle and our homemade bread.  However, in the dining room we continuously make recipes of drinks to offer to our guests and today we want to present one of them: the Moscow  Mule cocktail.

This cocktail, of New York origin, is more than eighty years old and its discovery, like that of many others, is due to a casual mix of its main ingredients: Vodka, Ginger ale and lemon juice.

At BonAmb, we rely on the use of products from near Jávea and providing our own particular nuances, we have made our own interpretation of this beverage, through the following recipe:


  • 7 ml vodka.
  • Half a lemon juice.
  • Ginger ale.
  • 1 slice cucumber skin.

Place two ice cubes in a cocktail glass to cool the inside of the glass. Put it aside.

In a mixing glass with ice, add the juice of half a squeezed lemon and the 7 ml of vodka. Mix well and add (without the ice) in the cocktail glass. Finally, complete with the ginger ale and insert the cucumber skin slice.

Cóctel Moscow Mule de BonAmb